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Thread Bad Quality Recoring with Microphone Onto Computer

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1 Bad Quality Recoring with Microphone Onto Computer
I'm new here. Recentley i wanted to record songs with a mic on to computer for example with acoustic guitar and singing, i have fruity loops 7, a good programm to edit music. The way i have set up at the moment is that i hooked up a normal vocal microphone onto an amplifier, and hooked the amp. onto the computer with an adapter. Now I can record and everything only that the quality is rather bad (for example rushing sound in the backround [don't know what its called :) ]). Know i was wondering if a proper mixer or preamp would settle my problem. If yes, does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you soooo much for any help, i'm getting desperate:o
yup, some sort of preamp is what you need. either one built into a mixing board or a standalone preamp. There are a ton of options out there depending on your pricerange... a mixer is probably the most versatile thing for someone starting out, like you seem to be.