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Thread Please help

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1 Please help
Hey everyone i wanna start making tunes on my laptop i really don't know any good softwares for making beats out there but i'm musically sound i play the piano and the keyboard and i wanna make my beats using a keyboard cos it will be easier for me that way since i don't know how to use any other instruments. i wanna learn how to record audio from my keyboard to the laptop, cos i'm really depending on my musical knowledge and not the production knowledge, sometimes i play the tunes in my head i just wanna put it out there. i've got a sony vaio laptop with 1gig RAM ,100 gig hard drive and i'm trying to get a keyboard, so basically what i wanna know is how i can use my keyboard with a really good music production software and i don't know if i'll need a MIDI card or not , so that i can start making these beats and upload it on ma space .please help me!!!!!!!!!!
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