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Thread Crackling, Popping and Noise During Recording

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1 Crackling, Popping and Noise During Recording
Hi Everyone,

I have a home studio which I use to record live intruments and vocals onto my dedicated music PC. I use a Behringer XENYX 1002 desk connected to the soundcard (Creative Audigy 2 OEM) via the stereo "Main Out" outputs.

I record the sound with the following programs, depending on requirements: Cubase LE, Cakewalk Home Studio XL 2004, SONAR 6 Producer Edition, Magix Music Maker 12 DeLuxe, Steinberg Wavelab 5, Audacity and the Windows Sound Recorder.

The Sound recording works perfectly in both Magix Music Maker 12 and the Windows Sound Recorder, but in all the other software programs, it records with major clicking, pauses, pops, crackle and stuttering effects. In Cubase LE, I set the track up to monitor the sound throughput before and during recording. During recording, it sounds perfect, with no feedback, buzzing or any noise of any kind. However, when I play it back, the noise as described above is all there, rendering the recording useless.

I have tried many things to solve the problem. I downloaded ASIO 4 All among many other ASIO drivers, all of which produce the same result. The sound problems are not being generated on playback, because they occur at exactly the same position in the recording. I monitor the PC's vitals during recording: the CPU runs at 20% to 40% and the menory usage is at 40%. I have no other background programs or services running (not even Anti Virus... the pc is not even connnected to the internet). The total processes listed in Task Manager is 19 during normal operation!

During all this however, the Win Sound Recorder can still record and playback everything perfectly. Any ideas to my crazy problem? I appreciate any help!