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Thread Dream electric guitar recording

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1 Dream electric guitar recording
So I want to record some monumental distorted guitar. I want the sweet crunch tones of the old rock age. Luckily, I have alot of amps at my disposal.

-Vox Valvetronics, 120 watt, tube preamp, w/ 2 watt attenuator = full tube power
-a 2x12 vox cab, neodym speakers, 180 watt limit

now for the good stuff:
-a Pod XT (i've heard that layering these sounds will give you the god of crunchy creamy)
-a MESA BOOGIE dual rectifier w/ full blown 4x12 cab. <--- sounds great, but is it overkill?
-a tiny 25 watt homemade amp that is funky as hell, the more stomp boxes you add, the better it sounds
-one of those solid state marshalls, its got great distortion at loud volumes
-a small 15 watt Orange amp, baisically another funky tiny one

I know those are really really nice amps (they aren't mine, i just have some nice friends)

to mic them, i've got not so nice

-1 Sure SM57
-2 matched Samson CO2 pencil mics (condenser)
-1 Samson CO3 condenser mic w/ 3 switchable patterns (omni, card, and figure 8)
-1 Shure KSM27 Studio Cardioid Condenser Microphone (my friends mic)
-1 Audio Technia ATM63HE (a high quality dynamic mic, that has given great results)
-1 Sure PG48 <---cheapo

So i figure that's a pretty big arsenal, anybody have any tips on how to fire it?

If anyone has heard the tracks of Alexisonfire and He Is Legend, they have the tone that i love. The palm mute thwack is just heaven for me.
there are so many ways to get great distorted guitar tone and there is no right or wrong mic placement.
just remember that smaller amps generally produce bigger sound than a 4x10 cab on a recording.
experiment your ass off.
-oh my fingers twitch when i think of the fun i could have with all of that.-