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Thread Cool Edit 2.0.. I need help badly..

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Topic Cool Edit 2.0.. I need help badly..
Ok. I used Cool Edit in the past so I am some what familiar with the program. I now have new PC an new mic an can't seem to get my hardware working. Im using an Nvidia N Force 3 and can't figure out the right combo for my inputs ( I have 6 now). My BIGGEST problem though is that whenever I DO record in cooledit (the past), it records track 1 (instrumental) as I record in track 2 (lyrics). It auto mixes or something and I dont know where to disable it so that it won't record the instrumental as I record the lyrics. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I never had this problem in the past when I used Cool Edit.
Someone helped me with most of that.. Still wondering how to raise my mic volume so I dont have to amplify it in cooledit.