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Thread Better quality phone interview recording?

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Topic Better quality phone interview recording?

I have a radio program with a friend. We do a lot of mixing with ProTools, and the such, prior to the live show; however,
our ability to capture phone interviews is poor. We have the ability to get interviews with well know names, but we do not
want to look bad by having this quality problem and have held off most phone interviews until we get a better way to record.

I have a PC that is new enough to do all the tricks.
I have a Partner Avaya phone system (with voice main system if that helps)
I have conference call programmed in my phone system
I have a usb box that interfaces with my telephone and computer
I have Audition/ProTools and most of the other software that one could possibly use

([PROBLEM: USB box/interface only records/captures at an 8mhz format which is rotten quality to the 44100mhz waves we normally use)

I am willing to install ISDN line if necessary to use VOIP, but how do you interface that with the
computer and what will the resulting quaity be?

I currently have DSL if that is of any use

Any ideas on a better way to record telephone interviews. TELOS options are too costly, but a modest budget is not
a problem

Thanks in advance

Shawn Mills
Monterey, CA