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Thread Help needed! How should i record my band?..........

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1 Help needed! How should i record my band?..........
Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to home recording. I used to record our band (3 vocal, 2 guitars, 1 bass, drum kit) with a single mic hanging from the ceiling hooked up to my pc through a standard soundcard. As you can imagine the results were a bit questionable, so i have decided to invest a little cash in some needed upgrades.

I bought a behringer MX3282A analog mixer (http://www.muzeekworld.com/product-behringer.htm) but i am a bit confused whats the best way to go for me to record through the mixer. I have read that if you own a anolog mixer one would be best of to record with a reel to reel recorder to preserve the warmer analog sound. My question here is what make is recommendable but affordable and how many recording tracks the unit should offer?

Idealy i would like to be able to record our instruments all together at the same time e.g. during a gig and if required seperately track by track. Would a digital multitrack recorder be the way to go? I also read about dat and other formats and recording devices but its confusing me more than helping :-)

I am also interested in finding out which way would be best to record straight into my PC (what sort of audio interface is required/what recording programes can be recommended for this setup etc.)

I would be very grateful for any advice you guys & gals can give me. Please be detailed if you can since i am fairly new to all the equipment and terms.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help, its greatly appreciated....

Here are some of our recordings (if you are interested that is :-)): www.myspace.com/Steveandtheimmigrants