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Thread Can anyone help

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1 Can anyone help
Hi not sure if this is the right place to post this, but thought I would see if anybody can help.

I have recently borrowed a friends Boss BR180 Digital recording studio, and I have a Yamaha Dt Explorer Electric drum kit. Does anybody know if I can input drums using my electronic kit using the midi inputs and outputs?. I have connected the drum brain module into the back of the studio but not sure how to set it up so I can put inputs in? can anyone help?

Many Thanks
i dont think midi would do what you want. i think youd havta send it out as audio.
i'm not sure you can record in midi...
but even IF you could, you would loose the drumkit sound of the yamaha (since midi is not sound, just trigger instructions), so why bother?
You should be able to connect the drum kit's audio line outs to the BR180's line in. I don't think the Boss unit has MIDI capabilities.
The should be 2 outputs on the back of the module (L and R). send these to 2 seperate chanells on your desk. hope this helps.