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Thread Need help in studio building

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1 Need help in studio building
It is the first time i visit this forum, so hi guys,i am Radek ,im from poland,21 yrs old.

To the point;

I am planning to build my own studio,but the problem is,that i am going to build it in a block.I tis a little room,and the most important aspect is to"stay quiet",at least i want the neighbors to think i am not there,and i want to stay up long and just do,what i like(regarding the volume,and he bass).What is the best/cheapest way to make a room not let out any sound,so it is only mine:)

I really do not know much about this hardware-thing,i am more organizing the enviroment of the studio,so it is my duty to make the house bass-resistant...

Please,help me i couldnt find any way(cheap way) to do this on the internet,thats why i ask the community,which lives in these places:)

Thanks for the help,radekk
if you are talking about soundproofing a whole room, there is no "cheap" way to do it.

your goal requires an accurate re-construction of your room that should be done by a professional.

if you are more for a "do it yourself" approach, then know that you'll never get a perfect result.

the basics of soundproofing are simple: the more dense an object is, the harder it is for sound to get through. What's the most dense and common material you know? Lead.

Unfortunately lead is very pricey, so covering your walls, floor and ceiling with lead is out of your budget.

Unfortunately again, this is the only way to soundproof a room so, either find lots of money, or find an equal alternative material.

good luck!

p.s. Lead is also poisonous...
Look up a material called "quiet-rock" that along with heavy insulation in the walls will be extremely effective. When I built my isolation room I used to different types of insulation doubling them up to make it extremely dense, then I used plain 5/8 sheet rock, and sound deadening board on top of that (its like 89 cents a board at home depot)