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Thread How to get a amazing sound

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1 How to get a amazing sound
I have a I mac with a beringher F-Audio extern sound card, plus A mix 120 tapco console.. my monitors are my altec lansing computer sound system with 1 left one right and a bass box, My mic is a Studio project B1 and I wanna do acoustic music in the style of dashboard confessional and I wanna know witch setting on my console should I do to get the best crap out of that mic !!!


depends on your room, your voice, your song, your arrangement, your style, your acoustics etc.... an internet forum couldn't possibly help you the way you expect since there is no "magic formula" or "default setting" for an amazing sound.

the only help you can get from this forum is this advice: try, try, over and over and over again till you get it right.