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Thread Bunch O Dudes

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1 Bunch O Dudes
ok so my band and i are writing some songs and we'd like to have a lyrical part in a song but we have no idea how to do it...as you may have heard in a lot of songs they will have a part where everyone is kinda yelling and chanting and it kinda sounds like a chorus of peopl (for example: Again We Will Rise-Lamb of god) are there any programs to do this with so i can make it sound like a large group of people without having a large group of people?
i tried doubling the tracks...that didnt work

thank you so much

oh and tell me what u think...
depends on how many people you have

obviously the more the better

but 4 tracks should be enough
first of all you need at least 3-4 people.

1. put them in front of a (good) mic and make them sing the chorus part.

2. then, make them sing it again, in perfect sync with the first time.

3. pan these two parts hard left and hard right.

4. add some hall reverb to taste and listen.

if you wish to have more "crowd" effect, repeat step 1 and 2 changing their disposition in front of the mic, but this time don't pan hard left/right. try with 70% left and 70% right, so that you can have 4 singing parts that fit in the whole stereo field and to avoid phase problems.

the key is to get every time a slightly different singing line, but always in perfect sync.
crowd thats what i mean...so how many times should i do this? or is it just my prefrance?

thank you though that is really helpful