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Thread drum recording problems

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Topic drum recording problems
I recently bought some drum mics and I've been having a few problems. Here is my set up:
Shure PGDMK Drum mics plugged into a Tascam MA-8 preamp, which is then plugged into an Edirol FA-101 USB Interface, plugged into my Mac. I use Digital Performer.

The problem is that, sometimes, there will be some sort of strange noise of top of the drums, very prominently. It is difficult to describe, something like a phasing echo. I don't believe it's a latency problem because even when I play very softly so that just the one mic picks up, the sound is still there and very loud. It usually takes a while for this sound to built up during recording and it is still there on the final version.

Could somebody please give me any advice?

If you are using two mikes for stereo recording and having phase problems try aiming the mikes at right angles so the left mike points 45 degrees right and the right mike points 45 degrees left with the mikes almost touching each other.
Try recording one mic at a time to see if it happens that way. If it does, it's something in your hardware or software setup. If it only happens when you have multiple mics going, you probably have phasing problems. Try moving the mics around to see if you can get less phase cancellation between them.
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sounds like it might be overtones that your mics are picking up try some dampers, you can restore a room feel by adding a little reverb