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Thread Brian Moore Guitars Introduces first ever USB Guitar

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1 Brian Moore Guitars Introduces first ever USB Guitar
Brian Moore Guitars is now shipping the newest model in their line-up of technology based guitars, iGuitar.USB.

"The iGuitar.USB model is the first guitar to offer on-board, class compliant USB audio to streamline the guitar to computer connection eliminating the need for an external audio interface" says Brian Moore Guitars President and iGuitar designer Patrick Cummings. "This is what’s next for the guitarist venturing into the digital home studio for learning and composing."

Why USB? The direct USB connection of the iGuitar.USB models allow instant access, on both Macs and PC’s, to popular recording software, like GarageBand and Logic. It gives direct access to guitars effect programs like Amplitube. It delivers a line level signal that does not require an external audio-interface or amplification. It is Class Compliant, meaning there are no special drivers to load. It is also bus powered so there are no 9V batteries required. Check out www.brianmooreguitars.com or email info@brianmooreguitars.com for more information.
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