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Thread questions about the Korg CR-4

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1 questions about the Korg CR-4
I've been looking at buying the Korg CR-4 4 track cassette mixer (http://img3.musiciansfriend.com/dbase/pdf/man/m_242149.pdf) but i have a question about the inputs. it says it has 4 1/4 " inputs. just to clarify, that's for a patchcord right? how do you plug a mic into that? can you plug a mic into that??
That looks like a high Z unbalanced input, no phantom power so you can use a high Z dynamic mic or a low Z balanced dynamic mic with this:


There are also a few self powered low Z condenser mics available.
ahhh, i see. but wait, what is low z and high z and what are some examples of low z and high z mics? let's say i wanted to plug in a sm58 for vocals and an sm57 which would mic an amp, would those work with this and that adapter?
Most quality mics are low z mics such as your shure sm58. Almost all XLR mics are low z. Very inexpensive mics may be high z such as those that come with inexpensive karaoke machines. mics with mini plugs made for portable recorders may be high/med z https://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/g=home/search/detail/base_pid/271072/ Using a transformer is a kludge, but it does work.
The transformer noted above will work with a 57 or 58. Just put it on the end of your mic cable and plug it in. You will get sound. I wouldn't expect it to be great quality sound, but it'll be there.

Another option that might yield better sound quality woud be to plug your 58 into a small Behringer mixer, like this:

It's only about $35 and it probably has a better sounding microphone preamp in it than the Korg does. Run the mic to the mixer, then the line out off themixer to the Korg.
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ahhh, ok, i see, thanks for the advice.
btw the 57 is the same as the 58 but in a slightly different housing (and cheaper)
but isn't one designed for instrumental recording while one is used for vocals?
Yes, but the word 'designed' only goes as far as the housing.
It's one of those marketing miracles, selling the 58 for more money.

"The SM57 and SM58 are essentially the same, except that the SM57 was intended mainly for instruments and the SM58 for vocals. The SM58 has a ball grille that acts as a pop filter. The two mics have the same proximity effect at the same miking distance.

Because of its smaller grille, the SM57 lets you get closer to it for more bass boost. But if you are 2 inches from the diaphragm in either mic, they have the same bass boost.

They have a slightly different response at high frequencies because of the acoustical effects of the different grilles"

So ... take the ball grille off both of them, and they are the same ...
Read the full discussion, complete with brainwashed 'opinions' here ...

ohhhhhhhhhh, wow, i never knew that. that's crazy.