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Thread Can Anyone Answer This........

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1 Can Anyone Answer This........
Hi Everyone
Here's my setup
Neumann U87 (Good)
Avalon mic pre (Good)
Rme converter (good)
M-audio soundcard (not so good)

The soundcard and converter are connected via SPIDF.

My question is....
Will the soundcard alter the sound in anyway?

I've converted the sound already to a digital format, you' d think there would be no change.
Any thoughts?
If you're going digital in via SPDIF, I would expect that any alteration in sound would be out of the RME converter and the soundcard wouldn't matter.

Which MAudio card do you have? I like their stuff. Even if you go analog into the card, it should sound pretty good.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Hey Axeman
thanks for the reply. I have the 2496. It does sound pretty good, but its time for me to make absolute broadcast quality stuff, so i can't risk a potentially weak link in the chain. And as you verified, the card will play a less significant role with the RME. Thanks for the reply.
Remember that the main aim of S/PDIF is to keep the stream running.
Therefore it will not care about errors.
It's a digital interface, sure, but it's not like a computer-to-computer or an IDE interface where there is parity checking and handshaking, error correction, etc.
So what you get at the receiving end may not be a bit-for-bit copy of what was sent.
If you aren't happy with out m-audio. Go for a Motu 8208 MKII. 8 analog and 8 digital and AMAZING quality.