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Thread Two voices

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1 Two voices
Hi, which is the correct or better way to get two voices from one track? I mean not a "second voice" (in the harmony) but a lead voice that sound like two.
Excuse me my little english.
You could try to add some delay or to copy the track and paste it with a slight delay
I get a nice double-track sound using a flanger. Set for a fairly long delay, no feedback, s l o w modulation and lots of it, completely wet. Then run the original and the doubled signals to slightly different effects. (reburb , chorus , pan , etc)
Hey there.....
You can get a nice doubling effect by copying and pasting the orignal track and then adding a reverb. A short delay (4-10 msec) will give you a nice doubling effect. Just remember to keep the main track pretty dry for clarity.

Adding the effect "Chorus" with the right intensity has done that for me sometimes, with a little Reverb also.
There was a time that I added a pitch shifter to some vocals and it seemed like 2 voices, one lower than the other, were recorded.

Good recording!