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Thread Recording Vinyl

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1 Recording Vinyl
Hi iam new here, so first HELLO :D

Iam trying to record some of my vinyls on to my PC, but I have never done it before, ive tried a few tests but i always seem to get a constant "buzzing" or "humming" sound when i play them back.

Iam using Sound Fordge 7
Ive tried playing with the rcording level's as well but nothing seems to work
What am i doing? or is my PC just rubbish? lol

Are you using the mic jack, or line in?
Ive tried both...
do you have a mixer or a phono pre-amp in between the turns and the soundcard??

the output of turntables lacks of bass and is high in the mids and highs.. you either need an amplified mixer (as most mixers are) or a phono pre-amp to regulate the sound (boosts the bass and reduces mids and highs)

if you connect them directly you'll definitely have a crappy sound..
I have a mixer, but its not a very good one, and iam not sure how to use it properly, ive tried experimenting, i will try some more.

Thanks guys :D
ok burt, doesthe mixer have preamps?

can you tell us the model and make?

then we can help you better :)
Radio Shack Pro Series DSM-8040 Stereo Sound Mixer With Digital Sampling

thats whats written on it!! :shock: see i should have looked at that first!
You can tell iam a novice! lol :D
ok im almost sure that is powered, you need to see if you can connect the phono left and right output into a channel on the mixer, then raise the volume level and then the preamp level entil you get a loud enough signal of music from the turntable...

then depending on the input on your soundcard, you may have to go back to radioshack ;) and get the infamous "Y" cable with left and righ phono on one end(out of the mixer) and a 1/8 inch jack on the other(which goes into most soundcards on computers)

once again it depends on that kind of inputs and outputs the mixer has (1/4 inch, XLR, phono)

i cannot find any info on the Radio Shack DSM-8040