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Thread compression before or after?

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1 compression before or after?
I am using a DPS12 Akai to multitrack my drum tracks. I only own 1 two channel compressor. Should I compressgate the snare and bass on the way in or leave them dynamic and compress them after? I'm worried about signal loss and or noise issues...

leave it for later when all tracks are done. Once you compress/gate you can never get it back. You just might want that edgie sound later. Once you remove it, it's too late.
Thanks for the reply Vic..I've been experimenting with downloading the raw tracks to my pc to compress/gate them idividually with much better results.
There are no rules. Just do what works best for you at every crossroad.

Sometimes I track using a very transparent compressor, like the RNC 1733. It helps keep the peaks under control for a more consistant take. It depends on who I'm tracking- their experience and skill.

Other times I'll use a Joe Meek or Manley ELOP. If the compressor is part of the sound, and you know what you want and are sure about it, then print it to tape.

If you're not sure, then track clean. Add later.