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Thread Recording the Music froma DVD

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1 Recording the Music froma DVD
Sorry, I can imagine this question has been asked way too many times, but I didn't find the answer with a search of the site, and I'm a newbee so forgive me please.
Is there a way I can capture the sound from a DVD to my computer hard drive? I have a SoundBlaster Live! Value card. I know there is a line in I could attach an external DVD player, but can't I do it with my internal computer DVD player?
Thanks for your responses!
Whats up SirLoin?
I actually just did this with the Nickelback Live at Home DVD.
All you do is hook up you audio outs on your dvd player into your line in on yer sb live.
I used Cool Edit Pro to record it. I just switched the recording device in the settings to line in and hit play on the dvd player and then record in Cool Edit.
Im not saying you have to use Cool Edit, any other software would work too.
After you record all the audio that you want, you can then split the entire track into individual tracks if that's what you were planning on doing.
Hope this helps,

Ya, that's one way to do it- the analog way ;)
I just don't understand why it isn't possible to use the computer's internal DVD player instead of lugging over an external and having to plug it in.