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Thread Recording vocal and guitar simultanously but separatly?

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1 Recording vocal and guitar simultanously but separatly?
can any one help me how to record at the same time guitar and vocal in a separate track so i can adjust for the vocal later. is there any recording software that can afford such easy thing;).
thanks for all.
magix audio studio 2005 at www.magix.com
You will need a sound card with multiple inputs, here is mine. https://tinyurl.com/anwyq
can this software or any other work for 2 soundcards?
Yes, Magix will handle two sound cards.
It works simply by displaying all your input options per each recording channel./So you could have 4 cards if you want, as long as your pc is fast enough to write that many wav files at once.
My computer have on board AC97 sound, I then added the M-audio 10in/10out, and now I have 11 inputs, which is including the AC97 line in.
thanks for your help but could you tell me please why my AC97 isn't good recording as i guess a noisy hiss and level is at top but low on real volume. too bad noise. the creative soundcard is very nice for me as a debutant.
can you advise me for something, and thanks a lot.
I have used an ac97 input many times, it works fine, no hiss. remember the rule of thumb.....if your source is weak then so is your destination. Meaning if you are recording a guitar at low levels and have to compensate by turning up the input all the way, then yes, you will get hiss. When I record my guitar I make sure the amp is loud enough so i only need the input on the sound card to be 50% or so, this get's rid of your hiss. Also, the Magix audio studio has a dehisser that works excellent. Record your track and if there is hiss, run the dehisser on the track. The track get's rewritten without the hiss.
FYI, for my main card for recording, I use the M-audio delta 10in/10out
thanks for the reconfort, i still have to buy a multi input, i searched on the net and i found for m-audio some thing good, have to check on the stores, and see the local prices. for the time being i ll try to solve my probleme with the AC97, i hope i can solve this.
one thing, using the same mic with the other soundcard work very fine, but for the AC97 it's not good, do i have to try reinstall the drivers or some thing on that way?.

thanks so much, and have a good day.

what kind of mic are you using, and what instrument are you recording?
hi friend, actualy, am recording vocal and acoustic guitar, using the creative soundcard is so good,but when i try the AC97, it's nothing to work for, remove the hiss is just a waste of time as the quality is so poor.
is there any chance to make the AC97 work fine, any patch of a specific way to make it work normal.

and great thanks.

the ac97 works perfect on my pc's, I guess just make sure you have the latest drivers and that you have it adjusted corretly. Use line in instead of mic input, it is better for recording.
Good luck.