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Thread Recording a band live and mixing later!

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1 Recording a band live and mixing later!
Hi all,

I've been in bands for several years and have experience of being recorded in the studio. I've done some recording myself, but couldn't quite get the mix right.

My new project is to record my band (2 x vocals, guitar, bass & drums) and I've got a good idea on how to mic everything up.

What I want to do is to record the band 'live' without any overdubs, etc. to get the right atmosphere, but I need to be able to mix it later.

I'm basically looking for an 8 track digital recorder that will record 8 tracks simultaneously, but I can't seem to find one!

Can anyone help?
My budget is really only a few hundred pounds.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
You could find an old ADAT machine.
Hi Ronan,

Thanks for your reply. I have been looking at ADAT machines, but wasn't sure if this was the way to go. Can I plug straight into an ADAT or do I need an additional mixer?

Could you explain a little how ADAT's actually work?

Thanks again!
An ADAT machine takes line level inputs so you will need mic pres pre mixer with mic pres in it.

An ADAT is just an 8 channel recorder that records onto SVHS tapes.

Not the best sounding thing in the world but not the worst.
Go agead abnd get an alesis HD-24 and be done with it. They have NO MOVING PARTS to wear out like the old Tape based ADATS. VERY NICE MACHINES! THey are dropping in price as well
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