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Thread Acoustic guitar.

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1 Acoustic guitar.
Im miking an acoustic guitar in my apartment and i am having trouble making it sound the way I want. I have tried miking it about a foot away pointed at the hole with a akg c3000b condensor, but i get to much picky attack sound then i tried pointing it at the 12th fret not much better. I tried positioning the mic about 3 1/2 ft away and pointing it at a small angle away from the source and that seemed to sound better with a more roomy sound. I have also tried alot of different eq settings. I was just wondering if anybody had any good advice to making an acoustic guitar sound warm and full with out so much attack. I'm mainly wondering about mics and mic placement. I also have a 57 and some other dynamics to my disposal.
Try using the one at the 12th fret for articulation, and another coming from over your right shoulder pointed down and more or less towards the soundhole. Record the to spearate tracks, and use a mix of the two to get a full sound.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
I'm always playing acoustic, so here's a few ideas I've either experienced or borrowed from someone else....sorry if I can't give proper credits, I do a lot of reading on recording acoustics....

In General...

Better Strummed Sound
-Mic 6 to 8 inches from Soundhole, too close tends to yield an unbalanced sound. I also put height just below the soundhole, slightly.

-Angle Mic toward fretboard/soundhole joint (pointing the mic directly into the soundhole will produce a more full/boomy sound...almost too much)

-moving the mic horizontally towards the bridge will get you a brighter/more treble sound. Towards the neck will mellow it out.

-Compression: 3:1 Ratio to knock down any peaks, lower threshold - squashed/tight sound, higher threshold to just limit the peaks. Either/Or
Adding a little more compression will help you get that earthy John Mellencamp/Tom Petty sound if that's what you're looking for....they also use Medium Guage strings along with a mid boost between 700 Hz and 1.2 Khz which helps to make that sound.

-Eq: to reomove Boominess: Bottom rolloff 100Hz, cut at 300 Hz, to add some silk give a little around 8 - 10 K, but it might ad noise to the track, be careful.

-Just as Axeman said, I always use 2 mics on separate channels as well to try and and get a better idea of sound, sometimes 3 tracks and include the piezzo bridge pickup.

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment and let us know your results.

Thanks for the help i will let you know how it turns out.