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Thread How can I get rid of the static/hissi on my track machine???

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1 How can I get rid of the static/hissi on my track machine???
hi everybody!
great site..i have been recording for a couple of months on my own..i managed to put 10 songs on CD already..Now..my problem..i lost all the songs i recorded on my computer because i am an idiot. So i have elected to record the drums and lead vocals on my track machine. i hava a computer , to which i run my mixer and track machine. But there is some hissing on my track machine... i also have a compressor, effects and digitex vocalist work station. But how can I get rid of the hissing from my track machine?? Any info will be great! thanks


How do you have things hooked up and how are you trying to use the trrack machine to restore? What kind of machine is it?
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make sure that there's only 1 device in your setup grounded (by preference, the mix desk if you use one.
Separate electric wiring from audio cables. they can't touch each other.
The voice device surely can cause some hiss.
Power supply? is the electricity stable? peakes and spikes (Distortion and parasites in the power current).
Any of the mentioned can cause distortion and even a loss of audio quality.
Yes it goes that far and even further in audio recording.
chris pax