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Thread recording separate tracks at the same time

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1 recording separate tracks at the same time
I'm sure there has been many topics like this before but when I searched a few different keywords I got no results so here goes.

Here is a list of the recording equipment that is currently available to me:
Behringer XENYX 2442FX Mixer
ACID Music Studio 6.0
Gateway 825GM (Stock)

I know the equipment isn't all that great but I figure it's a good place to start and learn a few things about recording without killing my wallet. Also, I am trying to record piano (electric), guitar, bass, drums, and vocals all on different channels.

I was wondering, with my current equipment, if there was a way to record simultaneous tracks on ACID, each track corresponding to a separate channel of the mixer? Or maybe a way to select certain channels from the mixer to record. The input into the computer is digital (USB) not analogue. If this is not possible to do with my current equipment what is required to be able to record multiple channels onto separate tracks simultaneously? Do I need an external sound card that allows multiple analogue or digital inputs or maybe a better audio recording program? What do I need to accomplish this?

Also, what are some good audio recording programs other than pro tools and cubase (those are really just too expensive and professional for my interest and skill level at this time) that are better than ACID music studio 6?

%1$s a écrit Do I need an external sound card that allows multiple inputs?

yes. its the only way, considering your equipment.

also, acid works fine, even for beginners. stick with it.