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Thread Please Rate The Mix (Unuathorized Challenge1)

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Topic Please Rate The Mix (Unuathorized Challenge1)
Hey guys I'm a member of this Production team called Unauthorized. it is composed of 3 memebers and we have decided to separatley mix 32 of our tracks and see who's mixes are better recieved by the users of multiple forums including this one. We have wagered a bet of a significant cash for each individual win and ofcourse a grand prize and bragging rights for the overall winner. This mix is the first of 32 that will be poseted twice every week.

This track was made in December and the two mixes were created separatley by myself (brian) and my partner Blake. Please listen and critique both highlighting strength and weakeness of both mixes and then choose the eventual winner.

Note: we only started producing 8 months ago.

Brian's Mix


Blake's Mix