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Overloaded sound on webhosting.



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New AFfiliate

1 Posted on 03/01/2009 at 17:32:15

I work with an old version of pro tools on mac classic. I mix my music into AIFF 44.1 khz 16 bits audio files. To send those files onto webhosts' sites, I need to convert them to mp3 files. When I play those mp3 on my Roland speakers or Hi fi speakers, the sound quality looks OK. But when I play them from the webhost's site, the modest speakers of my computer just "crash" and give an overloaded sound. (Plus, on some sites, the drums sound like downgraded). Whereas any other music on those websites sounds just fine. so, not like mine. I then tried to connect my computer's audio output to my hi fi speakers just to see. And the sound is "back to normal". So, what's wrong? How come my mp3 files play fine if I listen to them on my studio or hifi speakers and get overloaded from low fi speakers where they shouldn't? I guess it's a matter of pass band. Please, can you help me. Thank you.
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