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Thread [Getting started] Delay Tips and Tricks

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1 [Getting started] Delay Tips and Tricks
Delay Tips and Tricks
Digital delay is one of the most versatile effects you can apply to your music. It can do everything from subtle doubling to crazy stereo ping-pong effects and a lot more. In this article we’ll show you five cool delay techniques that you can use to spice up your recordings.

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Loving the processed delay, ghost delay and dotted-eighth delay examples. The one-word delay not so much in your example, sounds a bit rushed and choppy but, of course, it can be effective when done properly.

In any case, thanks for the tips, Mike! I've heard lots of people using stereo echos and/or delays with slight variations in the left and right channels, particularly for big choruses, so I'd love to see that properly done some day. It sounds a bit too wet and artificial when I've tried to employ this technique
Thanks for your feedback (no pun intended). I will re-listen to my "one word" example to hear what you're referring to. In any case, I'm glad the other examples were helpful to you.