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Thread Radio software

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1 Radio software

I hope I found the right forum... I am looking for software that can tell me how long an intro of a song lasts. Of each song, I mean. Does this exist?

Honestly I don't think any software exists that would basically detect each song's arrangement. Not sure how you can even automate that, as I doubt there are real patterns that develop between the intro and verse of every song available...

Is there a reason you have to find software that does this? I.e. do you have a project that involves thousands of songs, so you can't go and individually listen to manually mark the intro times?
hi CaliMoose, the reason is that i sometimes present on a radio show. it would be handy to know so you can talk through the intro (at times) and stop when the singing starts. if such software exists, it would make life easier. though i have no clue whatsoever if this is possible, as you write. i guess manually checking the time of singing is an option.
Try ducking your vocals by feeding your song audio in via a side chain. That way as soon as the song starts it will cut out your voice. Of course you will have to fiddle around with the settings to get it just right but that won't be too hard.

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