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Renoise 2.7 Beta

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Renoise Renoise 2.x
News Renoise Renoise 2.x

Sound Tracker from Renoise

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Renoise 2.7 transitions from the focus of the previous release to more musical concerns such as Sampling, Instruments, Automation, and Native DSPs, the company says.

Renoise’s internal instruments have been re-engineered. The focal point is a new keyzone editor designed to support overlapping, velocity, and key release mappings. The Sample Keyzones editor brings with it user interface changes, new drumkit generation, tuning options, new sample properties, and loop modes. Live instrumentalists can also tap into new realtime rendering modes and MIDI input routing.

The revamped Automation Editor now provides a zoomable overview of the entire song, as well as new envelope resolution.

Internal FX get a new Comb Filter and a Multiband Send that lets you redirect a single sound source to 3 send tracks. New draggable gain and frequency handles in the native EQs are designed to add flavour and finesse to the tools. Other changes include improvements to DSSI, MIDI optimizations, hardware-compatible solo mode, adjustable audio headroom, pre-count, changes to the Lua API, and other changes in every aspect of the app.


Pricing & Availability

As part of a beta promotion, Renoise 2.7 is available at €40 for new users.


Check out www.renoise.com/new for more details.

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