Cort KX1F
Cort KX1F

KX1F, STC-Shaped Guitar from Cort in the KX series.

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kikill 09/07/2005

Cort KX1F : kikill's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
-Body and mahogany neck
Set neck, 24 cases (whose back is painted. Dumoine for black versions)
NIKE-pearl markers (good eyeGO scare you by saying that, but it is a comma ptite what ...)
Tailpiece with string-through body
Mechanical-oil bath
Curved table-the most beautiful effect
2micros-(double) MightyMite MotherBucker splittable (!) That's not said in the magazine but it is really fun! the split taking place by the button key (by pushing or pulling (in moderation) above) is one of the most of the scratches

finishes are not great, the varnish a little shit at the nut, I had a crack in the varnish very slight pitch of the guitar but in a party that is not visible, it may be due to transport, there are also small traces of the machine with the frets filed down: on the side of the handle is sometimes seen with small teeth marks nothing bad and does not affect the game or the sound ... (But we are in a range of prices relatively low so as not asking too much ...)

but good for the low price is not bad at all!


The handle is very nice, neither too large nor too flat and allows for small phases speed without any problems ..
access to acute is offered on a tray, the notches of the animals are perfect, and the set neck (neck-typed enough (I mean just look ... not like the les paul what)) helping much in that!
mics is splittent aisaiment thanks to push-pull tone knob very handy!
well I is not the maximum (that would be a little adventurous), but I see no problems frankly everything is nice.


I was attracted to this because its scraper gasoline used and the bonding of the handle left me thinking that the sound will be relatively the paulien ... Neni that!
but it is not bad (in a different kind) ...
to split the pickups deliver a beautiful sound fluted and clean (clean of course) with a small nice overdrive, the single coil in neck position is great! we add a little wah and one is in 7th heaven ... almost.
and doubles, we leave the chopper! with the distortion it spits it spits ... and clean it wins in the presence but ... it's not as nice that single in my humble opinion.
the pickups are quite accurate and powerful, while remaining versatile thanks to the split!
sustain is to go (obviously the set neck, rope traversing, it helps a lot ...)
brief not bad at all ...


For the price range, I put nine ...
I'm really satisfied with this little find ... (notably the split is a godsend for those who can not decide between the charm of simple and double the power ..)
I have not had what I expected (a stamp les paul) but I was not disappointed either!
this guitar because of all the possible settings, has many horizons to explore ...
it is very enjoyable to play, the sound is to go, and € 395 can not ask him any more ..
Tuer Tuer short at that price!
will try it!