Cort KX1F
Cort KX1F

KX1F, STC-Shaped Guitar from Cort in the KX series.

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cryfingers 08/07/2005

Cort KX1F : cryfingers's user review


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The Cort Katana is a Kx1F Corenne
24 cases
rosewood fingerboard with abalone taken sharp
Mighty Mite Pickups motherbucker splitables
gibraltar bridge type
a volume knob and a knob tonalitpermet split the pickups) and a 3 position selector

A body and a mahogany neck (set neck)
flame maple table (no picture of flame, true!)


The handle resembles those of the PRS and Gibson and it is quite enjoyable (more on the Ibanez SZ anyway)
access to the acute is very surprising and surprised because guitarene not look like a shredmachine.
the shape is very enjoyable and the weight is quite consquent (that mahogany hanging) but this is reasonable and gives the instrument a look of quality and no wood guitar cajete.

the pickups are very good bill for the price we are very surprised! they are prcis with good bass and excellent treble.
Most impressive is the split: gnralement on guitars this price splits are real m. .. not even mean the difference in sound between the single and double. but the katana is split very well feel and the sound becomes immediately very round especially on the neck pickup.

the quality of sound is once again very good quality for the price or even pretty good (better than the SZ520)

It has an ultra versatile guitar, good sound quality


The versatility of the guitar is very useful, however it is not a blues guitar! split the mic is terrible at solos. the guitar is very big east and modern rock to rock metal.

I jou with any kind of amp with this guitar and it sounds anywhere! With tubeman II is the foot.
There's a lot of it gnralement bass and treble. the medium are lgrement dig but without giving his froid.tres interesting.

short a guitar is really gnial.


I use it for almost a year

what impressed me most is his unbelievable price quality ratio on all points
I did not find any default! DSOL but for the price it is violent!

Personally, I tried a dozen skyscrapers before it, and that price is the best!

When I see what my friends guitar bought for the same price in the most renowned brands as Cort, I would do levres.Je sourrir to this choice without hesitation.