Cort KX1F
Cort KX1F

KX1F, STC-Shaped Guitar from Cort in the KX series.

ericthegreat 11/24/2011

Cort KX1F : ericthegreat's user review

« Nice Sound »

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The Cort KX1F is a very well built guitar and like a lot of other guitars it comes in different colors that very by which store you get it from. So if the blue pearl look isn’t for you than you can grab one of the other colors, I think there are 4 total. But, what impressed me most is the unbelievable price quality ratio on all points
I did not find any default! DSOL but for the price it is violent! Personally, I tried a dozen skyscrapers before it, and that price is the best! The split coil set up on this guitar is the real deal. The differences are subtle and nuanced and every combination of the split coils on this guitar are not simply "useable": they are actually quite good.


The handle resembles those of the PRS and Gibson and it is quite enjoyable (more on the Ibanez SZ anyway) access to the acute is very surprising and surprised because guitar does not look like a shred machine.
the shape is very enjoyable and the weight is quite consequent (that mahogany hanging) but this is reasonable and gives the instrument a look of quality and no wood guitar cadet.


Very good, clean sound


The pickups are very good bill for the price we are very surprised! they are prcis with good bass and excellent treble. Most impressive is the split: on guitars this price splits are real . not even to mention the difference in sound between the single and double. but the katana is split very well feel and the sound becomes immediately very round especially on the neck pickup. pre-sanded the nitro neck with 000 steel wool to "pre-wear" the neck and it just plays like a dream. I also have a locking and wide, stretchy strap so I can play the heck out of it! Once you play it, you will want to own it!