Crafter by Cruiser
Crafter by Cruiser
ibraz 09/16/2006

Crafter by Cruiser : ibraz's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
-No idea of ​​the origin, probably an Asian country.
-22 Frets two microphones double and a single H / S / H
-Tone upside down!
-A volume and a 5-way switch mounted in the place they ... they
Vibrato-molded with bridges, six fixing screws.
Mechanical-crafter all rotten ...
the handle body breathes the crate a little less but ...


-The guitar is very poorly resolved, the handle is right, but the strings are six millimeters of frets at the 12th fret, which is very unpleasant and unfortunate because the handle is quite thin in the middle.
So bizzare-round, medium size behind the first fret, and super fine until the 14th fret and larger until the end.
Heel-shaped plate so no rounding allows access to an acute facility will appreciate, too bad again that the strings are so far from the handle ...
I note that the microphone has the grave poles shifted downward, and the low E string is 2.5mm from the top of the handle ...
the body is ergonomic, but it lacks a little something to reach the real comfort, cutting the stomach and the muzzle are made on the ratings a little too curved.
I put three strings super far for the handle, the wrong tone, and the jack on the bottom like that on ibanez rg from playing sit in peace.


The best point of the skyscraper at the same time not hard to do better than the finish ...
many mediums on two doubles, with the bridge pickup you get nice distortion sounds, the microphone is serious fat, greasy, slimy, yuck, apart from its clear I do not really see him use.
simply is bland, linear, no punch or slamming short, rotten ...
I put 5 for the sound you may have in the bridge pickup with distortion, and cleans acceptable micro serious.


-Tested with a friend on a 120w roland transistor, and a digitech death metal ...
Euuuh-we will say that I hate the least is the middle of the handle ...
I will never buy the scratch, and am even reluctant to the idea of ​​buying any scratches as it is expensive for the brand saw finish defects unforgivable!
I never expected to find worse than a behringer level adjustment!
-It is a crap, really, so value for money sucks it is not worth the price even for decorative ...
-With experience, I know that if I want to play with my friend, I must take my guitar, or I tear my hair ...