Fender American Standard Stratocaster [2008-2012]
Fender American Standard Stratocaster [2008-2012]

American Standard Stratocaster [2008-2012], STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the American Standard Stratocaster series.

nebs 07/23/2010

Fender American Standard Stratocaster [2008-2012] : nebs's user review

«  the best in fender, a myth renat »

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Tacoma factory in California, the New American Standard presents an evolution of 4 key points:

- A new bridge vibrato heavier steel and brass
- A finer polish that tuft less notes
- A new neck and a handle to the revised profile
- Alnico V pickups

Forget hazardous finishes 80s and 90s strat has normment advance.
The new bridge two anchors possde the bridges in vintage style the most beautiful effect. It is also much heavier therefore provides a better hold notes and longer sustain.

The lacquer thinner leaves vibrate wood which gives longer notes and rgulires. It allows a trsractif game.

The handle is a killer, the finish is perfect, it provides a very accurate and technical game, which n'tait not the case on my strat 98 '.

The new pickups are powerful, warm, prcis, which can address virtually all styles of music.

Fender has really advanced its flagship model year quality as playability,
Choose purchase a sunburst model for the woods are always better than the painted models.

I put 10/10 because I really do not see what we can blame him!


Compared to older models the handle has normment progress, we might as well play the blues grows over as jazz planes very technical. The rosewood fingerboard my model brings a bit of roundness and softness to the sound, making it very pleasant guitar and less than sche mapple key.

The guitar is a little heavier than my standard 98 and my super strat 91, but I think it's a sign of the quality of the wood utiliss.

Major: the new vibrato allows some follies, the E string no longer breaks c'tait as if on older models, this is due to the new bridge. Also you can rgler the very low action without friezes ropes.

For sound, the new microphones are really good in all styles.
In short it borders on zero default.


The sound is ultra crystalline but both Tone knobs allow to obtain a whole range of sounds, from velvety to the lens. As such, if you play like me blues and rock, choose a handle with rosewood fingerboard maple keys give because its really dry (Rserver funk) ...
The sound is much more powerful than my strat 98 is almost double! The guitar behaves really well in his saturs, it retains its definition. So thank you to the microphone Alnico V.

In clean, playing with the knobs are obtained sounds really fawn vintage year 60, much better than my Strat Ultra 91 and on my 98. They have a lot of grain and can range from soft to shut.

This is no fault to the point that all my friends guitarists me empreintent and refile me their Jackson, Gibson. In short each rpet 'on me the pike and I end up with Gibson in his hands!


This guitar is brilliant! It will convert even allergic aus fender sounds. The handle is fantastic. The pickups range from very soft to critallin and possde indite a scale in fender.
I'm not sr but I think Fender dj: switch off the production of this model to a model head 70 'because I look this morning on the web and I have not found. A collector!