Fender Classic '50s Stratocaster
Fender Classic '50s Stratocaster

Classic '50s Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Classic series.

rhum66 10/26/2005

Fender Classic '50s Stratocaster : rhum66's user review


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-Mexican Manufacturing.
-21 Frets / radius 7.25/micros fender alnico V PLTS DGRAD / 5 positions
-Vintage bridge (6 screws).
AMENDMENT NOTICE: see rum 66, 2004

See post in 2004 I think about this guitar and its original configuration.
This is to report to you of a change of pickups that I did it several months ago This now.
APRs have to search long review of the various microphones available for strats, I choose rsolu Vintage "57/62" from Fender.
This choice does east by two factors, firstly the User's rewiew of ste amricain Harmony-central, where all the pickups available on the market are subject to review and secondly, by the simple IDE that strats "Amrican vintage" teams are those microphones.
I wanted the pure vintage effect is that the twang with grain and a level of output that does not have that food grain, so a low output ...
Fender micro runissant CEZ CHARACTERISTICS Manir the most straightforward are 57/62, with coeficient K is the lowest: 5.6K.
followed by "69", then "54", the Fat 50 ', the Tex mexs specially and finally Texas.
More information on these microphones are available in the 2004 Fender Frontline.
Obviously we RVers to test so-same all these products but we must make a choice.
I knew well the fabulous dj texas spcial francs for their characters and expressive,
but I wanted to find the "thinness" of the 50 sounds.
This is done, these mics offer the crystal that dcline the handle to the bridge with a perfect harmony.
The off phases are reminiscent Clapton, and the positions filled plutt hendrix Little Wing.
For the record, this guitar has turned an evening of beef in the hands of four pro guitarist who never stopped dressing on it like this:
- "Damn, this scraper is made to play the hendrix"
And that before starting the grandiose title of Manir.
So if you find that your Classic SERIES 50 '50 is not enough, Do not hesitate to give it 57/62, you will not regret it.
On the other hand, I changed my amp, I play a dsormais DELUXE REISSUE 65 lamps, which is essential to render this type of microphones.


Saddle-handle a pice trs be enjoyable and more enjoyable Aesthetics.
Frtage-vintage (mini jumbo), in either trs enjoyable, but finishing with the key is not always on top (but not overnight the quality of the game -
Mine is surf-green, a color called "vintage". Varnishes are less pais (and therefore softer) than varnishes that can be found on amricaines (except for Highway 1), so attention to micro shocks.
Mechanical-vintage, less prcise as oil baths, but this guitar is meant to replicate the sensation of at least 50'...( they take reasonable agreement trs.).
-They are good at a price stratocaster raisonnable.j 'have two classic reissue MODELS 50 and 60.
The slap 50 more than the 60 given the rosewood fingerboard, but the diffrence is not Determines and your choice should not hang this level.
Note that 60 is close enough prs another of my team of Texas Special Start, to the point that I abandoned the ide of the upgrade level.
For the 50, not upgrade, unless you have some money thrown out the windows, the hardware itself is sufficient.
Trs good for blues rock gnral.
micro, individual, full sound and round and round cot trs acid bridge (the neck pickup is a little steep, but only in excellent positions mix.Les phase inversion are good anything less pronounced funky with modern microphones


Blues-rock or country-swamp.
-Fender with a hybrid in 1993 (field 25 SE) is not a roland MODELLING mal.Avec is good, but I think these guitars must give their full measure of amps lamps.
In short, we walk between Knopfler and Buddy Guy, the sound is saturated in blues or rock trs according micros.Amateur large selection of sound, pass your chemin.c is a guitar for the crunch and subtle trs sounds crystal clear.


I played the last two year now and I alternate with my shameless amricaines (+ Start, Lone Star and squier 84). These guitars stand comparison in terms of sound.
however, the finishes are a little below and microphones to be central MRIT rewire in phase inversion, for less hum.
-I am familiar with Stratocasters and for me the classic SERIES 50 and 60 is a matter of knowing that the best The series is the Sunburst guitar (alder), while others are poplars.
Mine are, and poplar trs sound good (I wanted the colors vintage).. In memory of Jimmie Vaughan Start is peulier tl and the Tim Burton.
-If you are not manic at certain finishes, you want the vintage without breaking the bank, it is a good investment and you can always upgrade the pickups with the Arequipa Amrican vintage series for 310 outside installation.