Fender Classic '50s Stratocaster
Fender Classic '50s Stratocaster

Classic '50s Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Classic series.

johnjfk 06/15/2005

Fender Classic '50s Stratocaster : johnjfk's user review


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Mexican guitar, 21 frets, neck maple veneer with the famous V Neck typical strato 50's, hand microphone are basic but they are however individuals (explanation see sound), a thorough look at the body is different from its sister the 60's the lower body is wider which gives a very different profile I had a classic 60's in series and I was afraid for me I think I saw through it but not quite there normal.attention a difference according to the colors you if it's then the sunburst alder body if it is poplar.


Handle all the more enjoyable coating the slides are fast enough, however, by the time the handle can parraitre drier and can generate when you are surprised, if not a big problem. access to acute is correct as easy as on the 60's because of this last is not as wide curves. very good ergonomics reasonable weight, atention to the wood of poplar, alder is good you have to like wearing heavy but it's not a gibson either. for his advice I changed a potentiometer see your electronic component dealer they will sell you good quality if you ask, and yes the sound passes by, by changing the settings can have a thinner you! ahaahh the right sound! is the stratum must master if not three quarters of people will have the same sound you must spend time goes on more time and I am more and more about the ass that I shall say the contaire puff spend time on your back and after strat! 10/10 not because the rest is in your finger.


Style pop rock jazz blues and all that you can try mixing to venture into fusion with a hendrix always has the recipe or the way blues clapton god Grat this for me completely. I play with a Peavy classic 30 with a TS9 but traffickers and my vox wha converted into a sort of Clyde McCoy and king wha (wink to those who imagine that it can make) and a fuzz with a sound property has made me a hand with germanium in and a lot of time to adjust the sound as it takes to find ouff done. after all in a clear sound but it kills Grat is not to be judged is that you play on it eh! The settings are classic pickup without the intermediary and the neck pickup a lot more interesting over looking good combination you can switch between the serious and sour ASEZ has a hollow sound, neck pickup position and tone and tone1 sur4 2 sur6 only go through the microphone you will see.


I have 4 years since I gave it a name then you know it's a great history between us, what I like least is the bridge pickup but your imagination to find something else I like her and I did not give my recipe, because without a tone for this micro everyone is a little handicapped, but with effects over everyone has a sound, a cort j'aieut SL2800 before the first Grat super model but will remain a Start a Start is like comparing a stratovolcano and a TV is not demand the same things, value for money there is no break of sugar possibility in two fender fender it rings or it does not ring but the collection classic series and very honest and I weigh my words, I already try a 70's and some people better than us, choosing without hesitation