Fender Jim Root Stratocaster
Fender Jim Root Stratocaster

Jim Root Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Artist Stratocaster series.

SEVENSINZ 10/16/2012

Fender Jim Root Stratocaster : SEVENSINZ's user review

«  very good guitar for the price! »

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Value For Money : Correct
Made in USA Fender Artist

-Mahogany body. Key ebony (beautiful and really comfortable)

-Maple neck C-profile, super comfortable in my opinion. And super fast, it's a strat, but it's a skyscraper to move. Say that it has not much to do with strats in general.

Extra jumbo frets-, very high and rounded, this can be disconcerting at first, but when we got it done and dose strength you put in touch hmmmmm this is huge, it gives the sound a fluid hyper character that slide, bend it or anything. With EMG 81 bridge and EMG 60 neck, the sound is more precise and clean. In sharp rhythmic distortion, you can detune the guitar, if it is set dirty consequences sends ca. The solos sleeves have a beautiful sound, really huge pur.Sustain to passage.Et strangely, the clean sound is really cool, dry, well it's not it's fender pickups emg franchment should not complain you can type arpeggios and a few tricks of san problems. you play or not knopfler.Seul clapton bb's are mechanical, but hey they could put grover or what ...

In addition, a small detail huge, terminal block body is rounded handle on the side, it's really comfortable for access to acute.

In sum super skyscrapers, the finiton is a bit fragile, black all this I have not seen the white. The violin is not exceptional, after the wood is of good quality and the guitar is finished. The emg do the rest. It's cool because it's a strat and as first glance people will expect not necessarily what was going to come out lol. this is really oriented rock and metal as scratches, signature jim root (slipknot, stone sour). I love what they do and what he does not necessarily have to buy the guitar for him. I play on a marshall jvm410 head and body all Orange jim root justemnt the dark terror n4. And the guy is really not merely put his name on the gear, as the guitar amp are typed enough but really it's good stuff. The amp is huge and really versatile, see my forthcoming opinion on it.

That said the guitar is worth the money any more. I tested John5 Telecaster Custom on the advice of a friend, this is double the price but it is! really! also special but if you have something and you really want a fender which saw the police car in a riff, this is one of the two that you need!