Fender Jim Root Stratocaster
Fender Jim Root Stratocaster

Jim Root Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Artist Stratocaster series.

@L3XI5 02/21/2014

Fender Jim Root Stratocaster : @L3XI5's user review

«  His big, warm, and full! »

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Guitar made in the U.S.. The finish is flawless, and very simple at the same time, the nitro lacquer is thin enough and patina gradually as you play the instrument. "The traces of wear" may therefore appear to places that we touch most (where the right arm rests eg).
Some love it, like me, some do not, matter of taste, it is certainly not a fault.
Fixed bridge and string through, locking tuners, frets ééééénormes, body-neck heel with a cutout for easy access to acute, etc..
EMG 81 + 60, a single volume knob.

Yay! ...


The handle is great, I do not like Ibanez sleeve not to the stereotype, I'm not crazy either Jackson, and then certainly not uncomfortable large sleeves desire in Gibi ... No there is is somewhere between it all and it is just perfect, it fills the hand and is fast at the same time.

With a solid mahogany body, it weighs your shoulders ... believe in a Les Paul. But the balance is perfect and honey remains stable, moreover, everything is there for her to marry the best of our physical scratch, cut stomach, right arm, heel.

The last frets are easily accessible on a standard strat, and this is compared to a Les Paul. The sound is obviously typed EMG's not helping, but I must admit to have played on different fifilles with different woods and whenever EMG's, it, unlike the others who all had a pretty cold and incisive, exudes presence and exquisite warmth, it is impressive in high gain, and EMG 60 delivers a clear WOOOOW ... lower the volume on the guitar and you get bluesy tones and creamy, creamy, granular, thick, worthy more great recipes!


See above.

I plugged into a Marshall JVM 50w for high gain and a Randall KH120 + + MXR Analog Chorus MXR Carbon Copy for clean ... this is my config ', and it farts!


I have now for + / - 5 months, this is far from being my first, I know quickly when an instrument suits me or not, and this one, I keep no question of selling it!
I played on Jackson, Gibson, Ibanez, Fender's other, Schecter, Charvel, Mayones, Dean, ESP and finally I also have an Eclipse, and this is the one I prefer my ESP.

New it is between 1100 and 1300 depending on the store, I got it for 800 and I am too but then too hyper super mega giga satsfait ... ;-)