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Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005]
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Morby Morby

«  O thou my faithful companion ... »

Publié le 10/03/12 à 07:13
Music purchased from Experiences, rue Victor Massé Paris, a store that has unfortunately closed 201-2011, snif.
I had gone to buy a Strat "Japan" because not fortunate enough to model U.S. (€ 850 at the time), but after a while Narbé (the boss) made me try the "Mexico": it was day and night, as well as hear sound playing!

I then explained Narbé between plant U.S. and Mexico there were only 80km away, the wood was exactly the same, the only difference was the equipment: the mexico there was Japanese mics and equipment a little cheap (vibrato stamped, string tensioners, mechanical, electronics ...).
Nevertheless it sounds!

19 years that I have my strat and love as the first day. Still in good condition thanks to the flight case which is certainly annoying to carry around but protects the guitar perfectly unlike a flexible house.


What about the ergonomics of strats? just perfect, it is not for nothing that this is the form of the most copied scratch 60 years: p

Maple handle end (without rosewood), very enjoyable to play. My strings are pretty close to the sleeve so small frieze light that gives its characteristic Statos, requires a bit of precision attack on the big E string for not exaggerate excessively.

on the other hand it lacks a box for the solo is a bit boring sometimes, but I do it with.

mass is not terrible, high-gain saturation on micro single coils are a lot of frying if you loose the cords. But with a volume pedal or a good noisegate / noise-suppressor it comes out anyway.

Désaccordable trend for those who use violent vibrato. I have long thought that the quality of low-end vibrato was involved, with a Floyd and a block-string at nut it would be better, but a guitarist recently told me that with a little Teflon at the nut that arrange things well ... I have not tried it yet.
That said, I do not use vibrato on notes bendées by pressing it with the flat of the hand (I do not put the stem), so I'm not bothered by it, the tuning is still quite stable even if it is not completely perfect.


I'm a fan of 70s rock bands (Hendrix, Led Zep ...)
This strat has a pretty colorful, so not great for someone who wants to make clear its metal with super accurate and ultra-sharp saturation, but perfect for me who likes it more when "slime" a little.

I have a small Fender combo Champ25 makes me a good clear sound typical Fender (but the saturation channel sucks)
I also assembled another combo amp "home" based preamp Lag Spitfire lamp 2x75W + 2 + Amcron HP 12 '
and some pedals
- SansAmp GT2
- Boss Fender 65 Deluxe
What that obtain different grain which are still typed overdrive and go very well with the guitar. I think the Japanese are very good microphones, there will be better but surely bcp bcp for more expensive, but I like them as they are, with their qualities and defects: p


Apart from my first classical guitar, this is my only guitar and I play it for 19 years now. some frets are quite worn, but after so long it is logical that it suffers a little wear. I recently made set, but within a year or two I'm good for a refrettage.

If I were to buy another guitar, it would probably still strat bcp but more upscale, with better electronics and a handle with more boxes to climb higher in the high ... but it would not be the same either budget (1500-2000 € I think).

I'm not as good as the recent stato mexico, so no opinion on the matter, but if you find a model of the early 90s, know that this is a very good guitar that was ultimately not much inferior to its counterpart "american standard" of the time while being much cheaper.
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