Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005]
Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005]

Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005], STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Standard Stratocaster series.

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roro_400 12/30/2004

Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005] : roro_400's user review


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Fender Stratocaster Mexican manufacturing:

- Slecteur positions 5 (extremely good range of sounds!)
- Vintage style vibrato (well it's true that a is not a flyd pink, but a Start 'is not made for mtaleux ...)
- 21 boxes! it's a shame, but we do with and you will agree with me I think the solos in which a burst mid needle box 22, has not grow on trees! (At worst you give your scratch a semitone above ... ^ _ ^)
- 3 micros simple (a is shown in the photo I know ...)
- 3 knobs for that one to two volumeet tonalitbr /> I've had a year and no prob 'level stuff, really reliable, bravo ... Arrrrriba Mexico! -_-'


The handle is really well made, sustain trs is correct, and that's a real ice rink compares his girlfriend's Les Paul (Yuck !...^_^). Nan srieusement it's great for solos comfortable, make bends is a real pleasure, and playing Mark Knopfler I mention it's just not enjoyable (I highly recommend improv Sultans of swing in the live, but happiness listen, and play !...(_). If the box is really enjoyable, the design is more than friendly, and the weight is reasonable, it al BCAN a really excelente quality for a reasonable price while!


Now the good has become subjective because we go to the sound. Me personally I am in just any style (except rap and operetta). In fact I spend Satriani Dire Straits, through AC / DC (soft pieces like The Jack ...), or by Hendrix. Ds that remains in the bluzy, the Rock, jazz, "ptite" provides a really nice distortion. on the other hand, if there is such ramnstein is that big of mtal nag of guys who know how to play guitar and say to themselves, while they hide their zero with a distortion of crtin and that sla ptent wanker with two of my scrapes in the form of light, and spit in their microphone to hide their voice dbil profondn imitating an old diesel golf one morning in December ... (Pfffff ^_^). In short the big distortion is not, unless you change one of the microphones for a seymour sh ds 6 or the like .... Otherwise, the parasites are pretty simple Submitted, dc I advise you to put money in for the ct to shield (or do you rev ​​it even playable ...) .


I use it for a year now, and I'm not PRS spare, not even a US is to say, because I tried one in a store zik not long ago and really not see the difference, yet I have 9 years of guitar ... in the fingers and ears. In short, the big plus is the Fender Fidler, both in terms of reliability that sounds really great until we left in the Strat-style '. When the report made quality, it really is HUGE I swear, this is by far the best scratch acqurir for that price, and you do not have no so-called experts who advise you of such brands as Blade or Squier, by saying that a is a US but for the same price That a mexico, Paska is ultra fake I made the experience!!