Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005]
Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005]

Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005], STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Standard Stratocaster series.

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Jdguit 03/23/2004

Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005] : Jdguit's user review


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I love strats and simply reading the wood used for the body comes into account is wrong. Indeed, Leo Fender gnial itself has said it did not matter. The sole purpose of their wood is Aesthetics. The pickups are not fixs in the wood and are based on plastic. This is not a Gibson with a handle of PAF is al!

I possde a standard amricaine (USD) since 1989 is a MODEL of 1987 sunburst with original pickups and standard tremolo + TBX a home. The handle is one pice Saddle.

You should know that the so-called Mexican guitar are the same as USD. We do not know too much or are manufactured guitars. Indeed Cort is the largest manufacturer of guitars in the world. Cort also makes for Ibanez, Parker and some other brands, so the fish is noy: o (

Only the Custom Shop are fabiques states to me as a fender possde high-tech factory in New Mexico and everything just to make Mexican?? I do not put everyone is free to believe everything he hears.


There is no MODEL stratum like the other. Take A model of a SERIES that sounds great and take in the same SERIES MODEL NUMBER IS SERIES following: it will not sound the same!

The microphones may lack a strat EHJV but is not for a!! (Everything is relative, of course!) The sound that comes out should not be audible even when. All dpend of what is meant by PCHE (power, biting, attack ...)


Stratum can be used just prs in all styles, to recess the Trash and Mtal is a bit lightweight: o) although MALMSTEEN ... Anyway to play on Start, you must love strata

Just know rgler your guitar to jazz, so yes it is possible, blues, funk, rock, soul, reggae, etc ... Guitar is one of the most versatile on the market very utiliss by many guitar-HROS notament in hard rock and 70's and 80's and still actuellement.HENDRIX, BLACKMORE, GILMOUR, MALMSTEEN and many more The list is too long and impressive!


I use this guitar for 15 years now and I've never lass. This is the guitar the most copies in the world and we know why: o))! But it's like women, it often does not fall on the rare and unique person. What guitar worthy of the name has not possd at least one stratum for its pure, crystalline sound? Its crunchy sounds and slamming inimitalbles?

This is the guitar of choice to do dplaise worshipers Gibson if only by its shape.

For me the most Fidler hsitation without companions or regret!