Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005]
Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005]

Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005], STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Standard Stratocaster series.

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footix_guitarix 05/13/2003

Fender Standard Stratocaster [1990-2005] : footix_guitarix's user review


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Audience: Beginners
That the enormity Previous review!
I feel compelled to intervene, especially since I possde one.


I just read that the handle of prcedemment silent amricaines less enjoyable than the Mexican.
A huge well sr bullshit because the sleeves are exactly the same.
However there are MODELS 50 'whose handle is round and trs 60' whose handle is flat plutt be it for amricaines as in Mexico.
APRS is a matter of tastes.


The problem again is the one must look at since there are a lot of Mexican strato diffrent, made with wood DIFFERENT:
- Poplar: mdiocres CHARACTERISTICS
- Alder and frne: there are some Mexican MODELS made with these woods and it's more the same thing because in this case, the violin is the same as the amricaines.
For résumé, poplar banish!
Then the microphones, those of the 4000 Mexican standard frs not worth a shot of syrup, it will change, lack of PCHE, unclear and rather noisy (bzzzzz). But there are other models completely diffrent mexico quips with vintage pickups that sound really.
So again, we must look at and try.


The pros: versatility, clean sounds
the -: lack of banana
I possde mine for 10 years, even if the microphones are weaklings, they possdent all of the same grain Fender (especially neck pickup), so it's not so bad, however a lacks a bit of PCHE.
The report quality price is not too bad, and trs good if you buy a MODEL in frne with microphones that take the road (1000 francs more expensive and in this case no diffrence with the MODEL US twice as much, but we have no flight case).
It's a good guitar, great for beginners but do not MRIT 10/10 everywhere!!