Fender Strat Plus [1987-1999]
Fender Strat Plus [1987-1999]

Strat Plus [1987-1999], STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Stratocaster series.

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sade 09/09/2005

Fender Strat Plus [1987-1999] : sade's user review


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FENDER American high quality. Mine is equipped with 3 Lace Sensor pickups différents.Un blue, his hambucker 59 ', a gray one with the classic strato more méduim, red hambucker its high output, perfect pr large saturation inabituelles on a Start. Strata I owned dozens since the 70 '. This is less "academic" but I prefer it to all! In addition, the vibrato licensed Floyd is finally playable. Nut with ball bearings, mechanical locking, vibrato clipped. Rosewood handle and pearly gray plate. Channel ... perfect!


So round excellent ergonomics of the Start, so nothing to say, there was no better! I play a Fender Pro Tube Twin Amp first generation, with three channels. They are actually one pr the other. Clearly the fabulous big-sound task, total versatility! An happiness to each connection for years. And God knows I have owned amps and guitars. This state or we do not want anything else! No one wanted to purchase another, what peace of mind and wallet.


I do not hate because I have all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not use pedals at all. Direct ds amp!
What happiness! Unlike Guevara, mine can really approach a Gibson but its more accurate. I owned one ...


Bought new in 98, excellent quality / price. Paid 1145 euros with the fly, a large reduction as worth almost 2000 euros. A choice to do it again? No thank you I have my happiness!