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chinois.a.emporter 09/22/2003

Ibanez EDR470EX : chinois.a.emporter's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Mine is made in Korea, the characteristics are the same as the previous opinion.
Otherwise the purchase of the instrument, I was disappointed that the fasteners for the strap are very fragile plastic, one of them broke during transport.
Adjusting the string height at the factory is really high, and then the stick (I do not know what it's called) for the vibrato does not properly screwed on the bridge, it does not There's good and it's qd slack is pulled, it is unpleasant


Very easy to use, I have no bad review, two potentiometers accessed quickly during the game, jack on the front which is more convenient and less risky.
the shape is very pleasant to the eyes as much as playing, texture paint is typical, it is silky, I love it! it weighs quite heavy. the highs are accessible with this round.
The pickup selector gives us a good variety of its


I play on a crappy little amp a Marshall preamp vs8080 to light it seems to me, but I plug directly my Boss GT6 multi effects loop return, I zap the preamp and it's not so bad. I recently found some very nice Metal sound with the GT6, then, the Ergodyne articulate better than before. It sounds very nice clear intermediate position, I enjoy snapping sound as the Fender. Saturation side, large double micro sound position, it provides really.


It's been over a year now I play with, Luthite (materialSteel the body of the guitar) is heavy, but a particular property on the sound, it gives it more sustain compared to other guitars neck screwed. I have not really tried bcp model I admit I was attracted first by his skin, then I tried playing with no amp, I loved the resonance and I was convinced that the sound would be surprising . I was not wrong. I had the opportunity to test it on an all-tube amp "Marshall DSL401" and ... burst up!
Here the only problem is the clips to the strap that I replaced the Fender fasteners plus a little violin works not too serious.
It's a guitar very good value for money for sure considering the price and quality competition.
With this body luthite it is possible to make him enjoy other pickups, Dimarzio Paf Pro Style & Fred, you try, I'm starting a little later.