Ibanez GRG21GB
Ibanez GRG21GB

GRG21GB, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the GIO RG series.

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NicoMetal85 11/05/2009

Ibanez GRG21GB : NicoMetal85's user review


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Guitar "made in china"
fixed bridge
Highway 24 mini round boxes
2 microphones humbucher Ibanez series, 3-position selector
1 volume, 1 tonalities!


* Channel super nice, it's a guitar 3 / 4, it falls well I have small fingers

* Guitar very light form of GR and a great mouth with a marbled pickguard and pink flashy sequined way 80 '

* No soucy for access to acute! damn it pete alone harmonics and bends!

* The sound is quite good, the pickups respond well and this guitar is made for princupalement disto! plugged into my head it sounds mesa hell! I will not change the pickups!


* I'm mostly metal, heavy metal, hard rock and punk! bah is not to say that agree to direct my style and it makes a great travel guitar and to finish my show with <strong>STEEL RANGERS!</strong>

* The sounds of them even glow whatsoever on my little amp 25 w Park on my 2 Mesa Boogie corp! solo is the handjob! on the other hand I can from scratch is very clean sound! At worst I have my other Zakk Wylde or richie sambora for!

* I play the guitar directly plugged into the amp, it's the fingers that should do the rest!

* In any case I love the big sound that comes out of this little guitar! + épatte it in one!


* I use it for one month, is not to say it to his mouth and what comfort the little games! we do it right away to play!

* Not try other model before! I tried a pink guitar 80 ', except another ibanez € to 2000 there was this one, I buy mostly for its looks as I needed for my group of hard rock / glam!

* The report qualitée money is amazing ..... € 144 delivered with bag strap and beefy good! I understand it, the same model with color are commonplace most expensive! this model is bright pink for a limited time on the site Thomann!
I do it again this election eyes closed!

* In the cons is flat tuning! the mechanical origin are disastrous! inacordable a skyscraper, not counting the handle was set incorrectly! it made me drunk quickly .... so I take Willow to the luthier in Chateau d'Ollon!
the result is that I now have a handle and mechanical Gotoh super well adjusted! for 50 € of + only!

However good the pitch is so small that the agreement falls quickly on the strings sharp! but I assure you that what comes out of the beast is amazing!

<strong>I will shortly démonsration a video on YOUTUBE! and take the pink!!</strong>