Ibanez GRG21GB
Ibanez GRG21GB

GRG21GB, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the GIO RG series.

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heads on fire 09/09/2011

Ibanez GRG21GB : heads on fire's user review

« Good for kids or travelers. »

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Made in China
Basswood or Agathis body
Bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fretboard (24 frets)
22.2 inch scale
Fixed Bridge with height adjustable saddles
2 humbuckers
1 selector switch
1 volume pot
1 tone pot


The Ibanez RG Mikro is your basic super-strat type guitar, only smaller! This guitar is easy to set up and play, which I find to be the most important attributes in a beginner or kid's guitar. If a guitar is hard to play, kids will not enjoy playing, so they won't pick it up and do it. This guitar can be set up to get very good, playable action on all frets. 24 frets is also a really nice feature in a small-scale axe.

The fit an finish weren't spot on perfect, but this is a beginner-grade student instrument, and it was absolutely good enough for my tastes at this price point.


The guitar sounds pretty good through anything, clean or distorted. It can get all the requisite metal and rock tones that is expected by the Ibanez RG name, but can get other tones as well. For the price point and targeted market, it sounds pretty good. There is not as much warmth on the neck pickup as on full-size RGs, but that can be expected with the shorter scale. The pickup must sit closer to the bridge at this scale, and therefore can't get as warm - it's simple physics. It sounds different enough from the bridge pickup, so I'm not counting off for that.


As an adult, I like the fact that the guitar is a good travel size. As a teacher, I like that Ibanez makes a smaller 24-fret RG for kid's hands. RGs have always been some of my favorite guitars, and I'm glad that Ibanez is thinking of the guitarists of tomorrow with this product. It's definitely a first guitar, but it's better than most people's first guitar was, so in my mind, this axe is a winner.