Ibanez GRG21GB
Ibanez GRG21GB

GRG21GB, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the GIO RG series.

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Ibanez GRG21GB : Anonymous 's user review


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China ...
It's a funny guitar called the trip, she has a handle 24 cases a short scale and profile RG, the bridge is fixed, it have two micro double, 3 position selector, volume and tonalitée, Simple and functional!


The handle is in the spirit ibanez, easy and functional access to the treble is very easy, the interface is terrible, you just get the small size of the machine.
In against part, it did inconveniant two major holding of his agreement (the original mechanical aproximation over the short scale = no way to give!) And the sound ... are these micro sucks, period!
Clearly, only the violin is well!


For this guitar is special, I was not looking for a guitar in particular, but a "model" to travel alone with an instrument that can take hits.
I use a Danelectro mini amp Honeytone but the assembly of micro home is definitely wrong!


The original guitar but have no interest against, given the very decent level of violin, a guitar is a change into a super skyscraper travel. For me, a game mechanic in an oil bath (approx 20 euros) and a pair of micro Di Marzio pettrucci of OCCAZ (100euros on ebay) and this skyscraper as a sound in his violin!
For the final note, I therefore takes into account these changes, which in my opinion are essential for this thing becomes a real good guitar but these small changes concern the price of 170euros a 300, see it!