Ibanez GRX170
Ibanez GRX170

GRX170, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the GRX series.

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farfadet-magik 10/12/2004

Ibanez GRX170 : farfadet-magik's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
CHARACTERISTICS good. Two humbuckers, 1 single. In my opinion, you must be changer.Tournez to EMG or Seymour Duncan. 2 pots a 5-way switch (APRS year, I'm still not coment ... he walks five positions as ...). The bridge / vibrato is quite crap. It dsaccorde all. Otherwise the handle end is super screwed gnial. Frankly, the pickups and the vibrato changes, it is divine (I think I have not yet done)


Channel divinely enjoyable play. Access in acute plutt is cool. Enjoyable form playing guitar and lightweight. With the original pickups, the sound is correct, if you change is atomic.


The style of music best suited? rock / hard rock. It can be Utis for something else because it sounds good vacuum. I play with a fender 25w transistor and the fact. As indeed, a big muff or a ds-1 are beautifully case. The sound is very fat distortion, slamming rather plain. If you can, change the pickups, if not made too. I put the 8 sounds pretty cool.


I use it for a year. I love his lgert I do not like her vibrato. She does my Premire scratch and I'm happy. The report price is good quality. 235 euros total purchased music. I would do this choice, but by changing the vibrato.