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YosMalaresian 08/17/2013

Ibanez MTM2 : YosMalaresian's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
This is the signature model Mick Thomson lower version: mean by that type of wood, and handle different microphones. This model is manufactured in Indonesia (a sign of very good workmanship and great quality / price ratio Ibanez).
We find this last vibrato FX EDGE III (which offers a perfect compromise between stability and accuracy of tuning since it is the equivalent of a blocked floyd) and said such strings Floyd said blocks at the head. Mechanical oil bath in six aligned reverse head.
The neck is glued type and is very stable and easily adjustable.
The handle is composed of 24 boxes adorned with jumbo frets, it is maple and Wunga.
The body is mahogany.
This magnificent warrior is basically equipped with microphones Ibanez V7 and V8 Custom Custom (so HH) connected to a single volume knob and a 5-way switch.
The switch is in a small recess.


The handle is very typical Ibanez (a highway that would appeal to both shredders as well rythmiciens), flat and wide, fast, ergonomic.
Access to 24 cases is extremely easy and the handle is comfortable.
The body is typical RG series (superstrate spirit) is light and pleasant to headbang and play in all its forms.
The pickups are an impressive versatility and extremely well balanced. Interestingly enough the selector is a 5-position of 2 passive humbuckers. Which offers a range of diverse sounds but with an accuracy of hell.
This is a guitar at the edge of the Plug N 'Play.
His flaw is his easel because it requires a minimum of technical knowledge, a change of strings and appropriate adjustments will take a little more time than a model with a Tune O Matic bridge.


Obviously, this weapon of war is primarily equipped for Metal in all its distorted forms. The microphones are dynamic and expressive.
But the wealth of the passive pickups are the clean sounds are thunder: hot on the neck pickup, and slamming on the easel.
Also in the clear register, funk casserole and small jazzy chords go cream.
I used it on transistors amps and lamps as well as lamps and transistors pedals and the conclusion is clear: Bluffing!
Precise, powerful, fat (but not too). Intermediate positions offer made close to single coil pickups: great finesse.
However, its register is severe enough, this requires Slipknot guitar takes all tunings (especially low I went down on a Drop A smoothly.


A fairly simple and straightforward observation: Huge!!
I bought it 5 years ago when I was a young beetle of 6 strings, and after a few models LTD and Ibanez (RG and S series) my hands have never felt so free.

* Pickups versatile
* Handle very fast and fluid
* Versatility music records Metal, Rock or Jazz-Fusion and Funk Rock
* Tuning ultra-stable

* Minimum knowledge required for the bridge
* Registry still quite dark so from a certain point of view the client is privileged Metal
* Lack of sustain (his big sister is doing much better with his neck-through)
* After I do not see too

This guitar I can not separate myself rich, versatile, I do not regret that choice and do it again with the greatest pleasure.