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mario250 07/24/2008

Ibanez MTM2 : mario250's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Mine is affixed a "Made in Indonesia" but perhaps it can be manufactured in another country, I do not know.

MTM2-BK - Black

Covered V8 humbucker (bridge) + V7 Covered Humbucker (neck) - black hardware - mahogany body - manche Wizard II maple and walnut 5 rooms - reverse head logo and "Seven" - rosewood fingerboard 24 frets jumbo frets - Bridge Ibanez Fixed Edge III Nut string blocks
8 as below emg pickups on some models


The handle in the RG series ibanez is well known schredders and other crazy speed is a very pleasant round if you like the sleeves flat, a real highway! ^ ^ The varnish (and paint) on the back of the neck, n'agrippe not at all, and if so, is that you play too! ^ ^ Take a break! ^ ^ But a little bit of glass wool will spend all that!
Access to the sharp is very good and the frets are classic but effective.
I love this type of race is a pure joy!
the sound is good, typical metal still pickups but the V7 and V8 in ibanez provide good versatility and a little Led Zeppelin sound as well a small Ten Years After and others! ^ ^
can not do better now for me to handle than that of MTM1 ^ ^


This is a guitar that is well suited to my style of play, very typical metal, heavy, it is very versatile, I would avoid TFW pop / rock because the sound is a little too greasy and heavy.
the clean sound is very good, very varied depending on the position (5 total) selected.
it's a guitar made for the distortion all the same and there she will speak the better now! ^ ^ Is a beast!
less punchy than the MTM1 but here it is the fault that EMG, while for those who want to change I would say that the EMG 60/81 or 81/85 would be most appropriate, but DiMarzio good bills will case also, in my opinion.


I use it for a week, she is mine, but my guitar teacher has the same and I tested for a year at least! ^ ^
What I like is his head with reverse look very stylish, the white outline on the body and the absence of marker buttons (that is on the edge of the handle), its general aesthetic for me is very successful and ibanez / mike thomson is a beautiful partnership in my opinion!
for fans of slipknot, the small sign on the back mike is the little extra that makes all ^ ^
but the difference (other than the pickups and neck-through for MTM1 and screwed for MTM2) look at compared to MTM1 is an advantage for me, that there is not engraved on the SEVEN round, we cataloque least slipknot and then leave all those fans or not fans the choice to buy this guitar (or not ^ ^), more is a bit more ^ ^ dicret and black is for me a little less bloody ^ ^
I tried several models, I had a storm beginner, needless to say it sounded differently ^ ^, and I tried the Stratocaster and Telecaster, very good guitar but a little less metal and other typed Ibanez RG slightly less expensive than the model thomson mike, but the microphones did not suit me, and not enough niak ... reverse head I like it! : D
I tried a jackson with EMG pickups mounted that it was very good and also very expensive, but it is especially the neck that made me take the MTM2, a round really exellent!
the price / quality ratio is good (530euros in mag and on the internet about 470) but can not find models with better microphones signature although they are very good! I've bought used 300euros and my quality / price ratio is very very good! ^ ^
I would do well on this choice and some time I plan to change his microphone for a MTM2 sauce MTM1! : D
thank you to those who read and play well!
(9 perfection does not exist ^ ^)